Linux Essentials: The pacman command

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In this episode of the Linux Essentials series, we look at the pacman command.

Relevant Links
Original Video
Pacman mirrorlist Generator

Commands Used in this Video

Search for a package

pacman -Ss <search-term>

Install a package

pacman -S <package>

Remove a package

pacman -R <package>

Update installed packages

pacman -Syu

View contents of the mirrorlist file

cat /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

Backup current mirrorlist file

cd /etc/pacman.d
sudo cp mirrorlist mirrorlist.bak

Empty current mirrorlist file (use with care)

sudo truncate -s 0 /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

Update repository index (after updating mirrorlist file)

sudo pacman -Syyy