Linux Essentials: The Arch User Repository

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In this episode of the "Linux Essentials" series, we look at installing packages from the Arch User Repository.

Relevant Links
Original Video
The Arch User Repository website

Commands Used in this Video

Download Google Chrome from the AUR
(click "Download Snapshot")

Extract the downloaded archive

tar -xvf google-chrome.tar.gz

Generate the package

cd into the directory, then run:
makepkg -s

Install the generated package

sudo pacman -U google-chrome-<version>.tar.xz

Install git

sudo pacman -S git

Clone yay

git clone

Build yay

makepkg -s

Install the generated package

sudo pacman -U yay-<version>.tar.xz

Use yay to search for or install a package

yay <package or search term>