Installing the MATE Desktop on Arch Linux

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The MATE desktop is lightweight, and very customizable. It definitely fits in very well with the Arch Linux mentality of keeping it simple. In this video, the viewer is shown how to install the MATE desktop on Arch Linux.

Relevant Links
Original Video
Arch Linux installation walkthrough (if you don't already have an installation)

Installation Steps

Note: This walkthrough assumes you already have a bootable Arch Linux installation. See the related video, above, if you need a walkthrough on installing Arch Linux.

Verify Internet Access
 ip addr show
 ping -c 5
Connect to Wifi if no Internet Access

If you get any errors, you may need to stop NetworkManager before using wifi-menu:

 sudo systemctl stop NetworkManager
Update Repository Index
 sudo pacman -Syyy
Install and enable Lightdm

Install the required packages for lightdm:

 sudo pacman -S lightdm lightdm-gtk-greeter

Enable lightdm:

 sudo systemctl enable lightdm
Install the MATE desktop
 sudo pacman -S mate mate-extra