Installing non-ESR Firefox in Debian 10

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In this video, the viewer is shown how to set up a remote workstation in the cloud, using X2Go.

Relevant Links
Original Video
US Download link for Firefox (downloads latest version
Download link for Firefox, to choose a different language, etc

Steps to Install

Download Firefox

Download link to the US version of Firefox (downloads the latest): The following shows you how to alter the download URL above to fit your language, etc:

Or you can just simply access the Firefox download page:

Create a bin directory (or we can install firefox in /opt instead)

 mkdir bin

Extract the downloaded archive

 tar -xvf <firefox-download-file>

Move the firefox folder into that directory

 mv <path to firefox directory> ~/bin

Optionally, move it to /opt instead

 sudo mv <path to firefox directory> /opt

Optionally, we can make the firefox folder owned by root (for security purposes)

 sudo chown -R root:root ~/bin/firefox

To create an application launcher, copy the code below

 [Desktop Entry]
 Name=Firefox Web Browser
 Comment=Browse the World Wide Web
 GenericName=Web Browser
 Exec=/opt/firefox/firefox %u
 MimeType=text/html;text/xml;application/xhtml+xml;application/xml;application/rss+xml;application/rdf+xml;image/gif;image/jpeg;image/png;x-scheme-handler/http;x-scheme-handler/https;x-scheme-handler/ftp;x-scheme-handler  /chrome;video/webm;application/x-xpinstall;
 [Desktop Action new-window]
 Name=Open a New Window
 Exec=/opt/firefox/firefox -new-window
 [Desktop Action new-private-window]
 Name=Open a New Private Window
 Exec=/opt/firefox/firefox -private-window

Save it in one of the following locations depending on if you'd like it to be available everyone or just yourself

Global: /usr/share/applications/firefox-custom.desktop

Local: ~/.local/share/applications/firefox-custom.desktop